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Modern Leadership, Successfully Managing People, Agile Teams

It is no secret that the demands of running an effective organization have been and are becoming increasingly difficult. 38% of employers worldwide are struggling with talent shortage problems, with 55% citing lack skills.  Even if employers do fill positions, 70% of the American workforce is not engaged in the workplace, which leads to unsustainable turnover within organizations and increased economic drain.  Organizations can combat their need for more talent with critical skills by offering training programs, which are associated with increased engagement, reduced turnover, and improved employee performance.

In order to help companies alleviate these organizational pressures and capitalize on development opportunities, AIM offers services in three key areas. 

By implementing best practices in human capital management to address these issues, we can help reduce costs, improve productivity, and raise the bottom line of organizations profitability in a fast and cost-effective manner.  Whether you are dealing with team, leader, or undiagnosed organizational issues, we will work with you to discuss and create the customized solutions you need in order to create an effective and engaged workforce in your unique organization.  Let us know how we can help you today!

Our books:


We shares her expertise on how to create a win-win relationship with your boss. Learn about the four working styles most commonly found in managers. Also included is a Quick Points Guide to develop effective strategies to work with each one. There are practical pointers to improve your relationship with a key manager and suggestions on creating your personal action plan to accomplish this.

Savvy business people know that technical expertise and a great work ethic alone cannot guarantee success in today’s complex global environment. You need to know which members of your own work community to tap into to extract information and enhance your understanding of a specific project. Developing great networking skills is now a critical component of your relationship success.

A guide for those who interact with colleagues across the globe during their workday. You will gain another perspective and achieve a high comfort level with team members from other cultures. You will be able to gauge your current cultural proficiency at communicating across cultures, and apply the LEARN model to improve your cultural lens capabilities.

The perfect companion to “A Managers Guide to Virtual Teams,” this guide is filled with thought-provoking activities designed to help new and seasoned managers better understand and connect with their virtual environments. we offers practical content presented in a ‘plug and play’ format. The ‘Quick Reference’ at the back offers tips based on the author’s thought-leadership concepts to help teams develop, excel and stay competitive in their virtual environments.

The go-to-guide for virtual managers and members. Especially useful is we proprietary Wheel of Trust™ model which explains how to develop accountability – essential in the virtual workplace. Filled with activities and advice based on the author’s 25+ years consulting experience, this book can help any organization realize the promise of professionals working closely together even when physically apart

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